New Features

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New loyalty program features

  • New ability to use points from loyality program on sale
  • New ability to assign points to individual items or assign a % of sales dollars to accumulate points
  • Use or save points options
  • Ability to generate gift certificates from points after a certain number of points have been collected
  • New points summary printed on sales receipt

Consignment Processing 

  • New consignment type inventory type
  • Consignment item service charge
  • New abliltiy to print consignor checks
  • New ability to put items sold on consignors account for in store credit or check printing
  • New receiving process for consignment items
  • New streamline ticket printing process for consignment items
  • User definable consignment rate 

Edi Capabilities

Split Database Capabilities 

  • Removes the 2 gig limit of a single database by breaking out data into serveral files.

Point of Sale

  • Individuals can now be associated to customers, eg mother - children, owner - pets.
  • Sales can be tracked by the individual
  • Default quantities by item
  • Special pricing/Promo pricing can be setup as either reqular price or as a discount for reporting
  • Improved sales return interface and functionality
  • Enhanced receipt printer control 
  • Penny rounding for cash payment types
  • Cost override on items at the cash register
  • Enhanced error logging
  • Allows On Account Payments to take cash discount for payment terms/early payment discounts