General Ledger

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The Double-Entry General Ledger system is advanced enough for your accountant, yet easy for your users to understand and use.

All transactions within the system generate journal entries, which can be exported to almost any standard accounting package.

Packages currently include:

  • QuickBooks
  • Sage (Simply Accounting)
  • Sage (Accpac)
  • Sage (MAS 90)

Exporting to an external account program will usually save you money in the long run as your accountant will not have to be trained on a new system.

Voyager has all the required backup information to allow a very good audit between systems.

Some more features:

  • Tax reporting journals
  • Drill down to journal transaction
  • Detail and Summary Trail Balances
  • User-definable financial periods
  • Roll up sub accounts on financials
  • Compare budget to actual
  • Departmentalized
  • Unlimited accounts and sub-accounts
  • Interface with QuickBooks, MAS 90, Accpac, Simply Accounting, and more!